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Facilities Management Services for Managing Agents

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Proactive Facilities

As a property manager, you’re always going to have an abundance of things to juggle. Good commercial property maintenance goes beyond basic upkeep and repairs – efficient response to emergency maintenance requests simply isn’t enough when it comes to keeping a building running. Your job goes beyond simply reacting to needs as they arrive. Proactive maintenance looks a little different, because it seeks to prevent issues before they become reactive emergencies, protecting both you and your tenants from further trouble down the line.

Facilities Management Services
for Managing Agents

Facilities management services can help ease the load of expectations for managing agents, ensuring that everything is taken care of well before an emergency arises. Here are some of the services a facilities management team can handle for you in order to keep your property running in the best condition possible:


Facilities management can cover the maintenance and repairs needed to keep all the plumbing systems in your building running in top condition. With so many tenants, something as simple as faulty plumbing can cause dire ongoing issues, so keeping these systems running is essential.


Your property’s electrical systems are fundamental to keeping your tenants happy. Bringing in a facilities management team can prevent electrical issues from happening before they arise, with thorough assessments of your wiring systems. Plus, you’ll have people ready to jump in the moment something goes faulty, ready to prevent any further damage from taking place.

HVAC and Ventilation Systems

When it comes to safety, ensuring the condition of your HVAC and ventilation systems is absolutely essential. Bringing in professionals to inspect your systems and guarantee their condition protects you and your tenants from serious health and property damage in the future.


Great landscaping may be more important than you think. Keeping your building looking in top condition directly affects the number of customers businesses will attract, and likewise impacts the likelihood of your tenants wanting to renew their leases. Staying on top of your landscaping helps keep appearances professional, massively impacting the overall success of your property.

Pest Control

Pests can pose a huge threat to a workplace. Thorough pest control isn’t just about handling an infestation when it happens, but it requires full inspection and protection of the building to minimise the risk of pests getting into the property. With tenants and businesses to maintain, you won’t want to run any sort of risk.


Alarms are absolutely essential to keeping a commercial property safe and up to code. Trust your alarm systems in the hands of specialists who can check for proper installation, upgrades, and guarantee that everything is in working order in case an emergency does take place one day.

Day to Day

It’s natural for a commercial property to suffer from the daily wear-and-tear of having so many people operate out of one space. When managing the building is all on your hands, it can be hard to stay on top of all the little things that may be damaged over time, whilst good facilities management services will make sure everything is maintained to a professional standard.

Health and

Great facilities management is on top of all the tricky little details surrounding health and safety. Leave it in the hands of experts to ensure your property is up to code, and that you and your tenets are entirely safe as you operate out of your building.

Upgrades and

Don’t wait before it’s too late. Regular upgrades and replacements of all your building amenities and installations will ensure everything is in the best condition, minimising the risk of catastrophic failure further down the line.

Why Choose First Class
Facilities Management?

If you’re looking for facilities management services, choosing the right provider is not a decision to take lightly. These services will be the foundation of your property, ensuring that both you and your tenants can rest with a confidence that everything is in working condition and an emergency will be responded to promptly. At First Class Facilities Management, we’re experts within this industry. We specialise in property and building management, offering all the essential services you’ll need.
At the forefront of all our work is our dedication to our clients. We aim to provide the highest quality of service to everyone we work with. What does this mean, exactly? Simply put, we are dedicated to remaining readily available for all your needs and questions, efficient in providing all our services, flexible to the unique needs of every client, and offering only the highest quality of services available in the market for everything we do.

Why Invest in Facilities Management
as a Managing Agent?

It Helps Reduce
Management Costs

Eliminating minor issues before they develop into something larger and more serious is a great way to save money on property maintenance. Having a facilities management provider on deck ensures that the small problems can be handled swiftly. Fixing a plumbing leak is always going to be far cheaper than having to tear out and replace sections of your property’s walls due to severe water damage. Take care of the trickle before it becomes a flood!

It Keeps Your
Commercial Property
Looking Sharp

Appearances matter. Keeping your commercial property looking visually appealing is inevitably going to play a huge role in the overall success of the businesses that rent space there. Keeping the property in top condition helps attract customers, and in turn will encourage tenants to make their payments promptly. Plus, an attractive workspace will make tenants all the more likely to keep renewing their leases.

It Helps Prevent

Lack of quality maintenance can lead to dangerous structural faults. Respiratory hazards, mold growth, tripping hazards from uneven flooring, slippery floors from leaks… the list could go on. So many hazards occur due to a lack of maintenance. Using preventative, proactive maintenance service helps to prevent injuries and protects your tenants.

It Can Keep
Property Values Up

The value of commercial properties is usually categorised based on their grade or class (A, B, or C). The higher the grade, the higher the rental fees you’re able to ask for. Falling behind on maintenance issues can ultimately lead to a lowering of property value, as your class will steadily fall as your property worsens in condition. This will make it extremely difficult to command higher rental fees for the property.

Enquire Now to
Discuss Your Facilities
Management Needs

Taking a reactive approach to your commercial property management is only going to hurt you and your tenants in the long run. Getting an expert facilities management provider on your side will save you time, money, and keep everyone in your building as happy as possible as they go about their business. For the highest quality of facilities management services, First Class Facilities Management is the right team to call.

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