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Returning to the Office Part 2: Safety for Office Buildings

For many of us, returning to the office has been a gradual process. The ups and downs of recent times have had plenty of office buildings far emptier than usual, and it may be a strange experience to be getting back into the routine of clocking in and out of an office building once again.

There are a few key things to keep in mind as we transition back into a normal working life, though. It is absolutely vital that you know your building is in the safest condition possible after so long away and that everybody on site is on top of safety procedures. Here are just a few tips from the experts on what you need to be checking as you make your way back into the office.

This blog outlines the importance of updated health and safety procedures as you transition into working in an office building, including some essential drills/reminders. If you’re looking for personalised advice or plans on how to ensure your office is compliant and ready for returning workers, contact First Class Facilities Management today.

Back to the Office OH&S

Occupational Health and Safety

After a long period away, it can be endlessly exciting to get back into the office and working amongst co-workers again. Amongst all the new guidelines and expectations, it is all too easy to let other OHS procedures slip through the cracks. After all, a lot of it is routine things that you may expect to just fall back into place as working life returns to your building.

However, with so much time spent away, there’s a good chance that some things have changed. Perhaps your building isn’t in the condition it once was, or perhaps employees don’t have emergency procedures as fresh in their brains as they once were.

No matter the situation of your building, it is fundamental that every business returning to the office dedicates time to reassessing and refreshing their OHS systems to guarantee their entire office is as safe as can be.


Evacuations procedures are crucial. You never know when your building might have to evacuate, and with so many potential emergencies and variations on the procedure it should be no surprise if your staff need a refresher. As you get back into the office, discussions of evacuation policies should be high on the priority list. Running drills, explaining procedures for different emergencies, and checking in on all necessary alarms are all important processes to be ticking off the list as you return to your building.

Fire Maintenance

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to fire maintenance. Even beyond ensuring everybody on site has a consistent understanding of emergency fire procedures, there is a lot of equipment involved to keep your office prepared for a fire. But, after so much time away, it cannot be assumed that everything is in working order. As you return to the office, it is absolutely essential that you check in on all the safety equipment you have, ensuring everything is up to date and entirely compliant with government regulations. Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, sprinklers – all of it needs to be in working order before your building is once again filled with people!

Routine Maintenance

Whilst your office has been out of action, chances are routine maintenance and check-ups have too. Sometimes it looks as though everything is in order, but you always want to play it safe. When was the last time your electrical wiring was assessed? Or the CCTV, the plumbing, the building structure, security, or everything else? Getting in a professional to do a thorough safety and compliance check of the whole office is the best way to ensure that you’re as ready as possible to return to a regular working life without hassles down the line.

Don’t Risk It – Secure Your Office and Protect Your Team

After so long away from our office buildings, it may be tempting to simply trust that everything is up to code and that everybody knows what they’re doing in an emergency. But you can never be too careful when it comes to the health and safety of your office. Investing the time and money into updating all your systems and retraining your staff is never going to be something you’ll regret doing, and you have put your mind at ease once you’re sure everything’s in working order.

Enquire Today for Safety Checks and Maintenance Work

At FCFM, we’re here to make the process as easy for you as possible. Whether you’re looking to perform a routine check on all your alarms and emergency systems, or whether you’re looking to get maintenance work done to ensure your building is up to code across the board, we can provide the services you need.

Don’t take any risks you may regret down the line – reach out to the FCFM team today to get your building in top condition, ready to be an efficient and safe work environment once again.


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